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Is He Lord of Your Money Too?

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. We always declare that Jesus is Lord but many times forget what it means to make Him Lord over our lives. We make Him Master of our families, careers, and health but when it comes to other things such as our money and wealth, we call the shots […]

If adults pretended to act like toddlers

If you’re not a parent, do you ever wonder why a mum or dad laughs when you even so breathe the words, “I’m exhausted”? That’s probably because they’re rearing 1-3 year olds who do stuff like what you’re about to see in this video reenacted by a grown adult woman.

Luke’s Miracle Survival

Over Easter holiday 2015, the news media across Australia reported that an 11 year old boy with autism spectrum disorder had gone missing while camping with his family. Several days went by and still Luke Shambrook was nowhere to be found. Luke’s incredible survival – as told by his mother, Rachel. Part 1 Part 2

13 Reasons Why Not

Author: Danny Huerta | Focus On The Family. It’s not just teens that are talking about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Parents are also curious about the story of Hannah Baker and her descent into suicide. “What message does this show send to kids?” some have asked. “Does it really glorify suicide? As a […]

Best Video of Bride Surprising Groom as a T-Rex

This is quite possibly one of the greatest “first look” moments in wedding history (at least in my books).

Koko the Gorilla Falls in Love With Pet Kittens for Her Birthday!

Koko rose to fame as a gorilla who has learned a significant number of hand signs, reportedly over 1,000 different kinds. Using her sign language, Koko asked for a pet cat for Christmas many years back and was distraught when it escaped from the cage and was hit by a car and killed.

Being Your Daughter’s Hero

In this Focus On The Family podcast Dr. Michelle Watson explores the connection between a father and his daughter, offering encouragement and practical ways you can “click” with your daughter. You’ll hear stories and inspiration to enrich that special relationship.

Bono Says Christian Music Needs To Be More Honest

Are many modern Christian artists holding back their true feelings and struggles in their lyrics? Bono, lead singer of rock band U2 feels so.

If wedding vows were re-written for 2017

I vow to take you my wife, to have and to hold the camera at an Instagram-opportune time till death do us part. Oh 2017. In the year of unprecedented social media dependence, Collective Noun’s sketch comedy on modern day vows is concerningly accurate.

The forgotten wonders of being a mother

Mother’s Day might be a day when you can expect chocolate and flowers, but it’s also a good day to reflect on what being a mother means. In the ups and downs of life we can sometimes forget that being a mother is a special role that connects one generation to another.