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Raising Selfless Kids

Every child is born with a selfish attitude. Blogger, author, and mother, Sami Cone, shares how she helped her children see the needs of their peers at school and in their own neighborhood. Learn some practical ways to serve others.

What’s Your Why?

Author: Rodney Olsen. What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? We can all find the motivation to do what needs to be done on the good days but is there something that keeps you going when things start getting tough?

Helping Children Develop Mentally and Spiritually

Parents want their children to develop and grow to the best of their God-given abilities. So what can they do to nurture this development? Once again on Focus On The Family the guest is clinical counsellor Dr. Vivienne Mountain. She’ll share how parents can best help children grow – both mentally and spiritually.

Facing Adversity At 39 Weeks Pregnant

Author: Bec Oates. Have you ever eaten so much that your stomach felt uncomfortable? No, no, of course you haven’t. Well, try and imagine it. You feel bloated and uncomfortable. Imagine that feeling and then increase it by, I dunno, maybe 1000%. That is what it’s like to be pregnant, full term. You start off […]

Mini Pizzas – Allergy Friendly

Author: Susan Joy. These yummy Mini Pizzas are perfect for a snack, hors d’oeuvre or school lunch boxes. They are free of gluten, grains, soy, eggs and nuts.

Helping Children Deal With Trauma

When adults experience traumatic events – like a car accident or bushfire – they have experiences and resources they can draw on to help them. But what about children? How do they cope with trauma? Dr. Vivienne Mountain discusses how parents can best help children heal from a traumatic experience.

Directing Your Strong Will to Improve Your Relationships

You can use your personality to honour God and others! In the latest Focus On The Family podcast, Cynthia Tobias offers insight and hope to the strong-willed woman. You’ll learn how to balance your strength with tenderness and warmth, and the fine art of surrendering to God.

Are you Fake Resting?

Author: Elaine Fraser. ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m busy.’ I was busy for years and before I knew it I was real tired. In fact, I was exhausted. Real-exhausted.

Home is Where the Hedges Are

Author: Phil and Bev Haas | Focus On The Family. The late Bob Pierce was a man to admire. One day he wrote in the margin of his Bible, “Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.” Those words inspired him to start World Vision, a mission organization that […]

Recognising Your Son’s Need for Respect

Love is important, but respect is the key to your son’s heart! In this two-part Focus On The Family podcast, Dr. Emerson Eggerich shares how mums can understand their sons and develop a strong and vibrant relationship.