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Angus’ Blog

Hi, my name is Angus and this is my blog post. I’m originally from Caboolture, which is about an hour’s drive north of Brissy. I moved to Gladstone four years ago when I was in grade six. Gladstone is very different to Caboolture. For example, in Caboolture there is a major city literally one hour […]

Will’s Blog

Yo what’s poppin’ guys? My name is Will and this is my blog post. The people at 91.9 Fresh FM gave me some questions to fill out but I thought that was going to make this sound like a checklist and not a blog, so I came up with an idea. I’m not going to do […]

How Can We Be Joyful in All Circumstances?

What makes you joyful? Watching the sunrise or sunset, playing with a child or a puppy, laughing with your friends, exploring your talents and passions, or perhaps helping others? Sometimes, the world feels like it’s crashing down around us. It’s true that we are very blessed in Australia and we need to remember that, but pain is […]

Cheryl’s Health & Lifestyle Challenge

This year our Strategy & Partnership Manager Cheryl, has decided to change her life by undergoing a healthy lifestyle challenge. Her goal for 2017 is to lose 25kg, improve her diet and overall health & fitness throughout the year, and make this a permanent lifelong change. Throughout her journey, Cheryl will inform us of her progress. You may […]