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Drive With Katie

  Drive home with Katie! Relax and debrief your day with the best music, local knowledge, news, traffic and a whole lot of fun! Katie Clift has worked in the radio industry for more than a decade. Her favourite time of day is the run home, and she can’t wait to share it with the […]

How Can We Be Joyful in All Circumstances?

What makes you joyful? Watching the sunrise or sunset, playing with a child or a puppy, laughing with your friends, exploring your talents and passions, or perhaps helping others? Sometimes, the world feels like it’s crashing down around us. It’s true that we are very blessed in Australia and we need to remember that, but pain is […]

Trolley Trackers

A short story written by Bron Hartas Lost puppies, football season sign-ups, car boot sales and computer technicians wanted.  All the advertised events in town could be found in one spot.  The community noticeboard outside the local grocery store was the place to find everything from local trades people to Neighbourhood Watch meetings. “That’s interesting.  […]