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Community Service Announcement Policy

A Community Service Announcement (CSA) is a free-to-air notice that covers local events and organisation promotion and is not for the purpose of promoting a product, goods or a profit making venture. Announcements are for not-for-profit organisations only.


Announcements that do not qualify as a CSA are:
• The sale of property, vehicles, products or services of any kind for the purpose of deriving
income for business purposes.
• Events where any kind of payments in cash or like kind may be made to Rhema FM 91.9
by the promoter of any event as this constitutes sponsorship.
• Events that would be generally deemed to be tasteless or unacceptable to this ministry or
its members or as deemed as unacceptable by the management of Rhema FM 91.9.
• Those involved in and wishing to promote activities relative to questionable non-Christian
activities that are not generally acceptable or recognised by the majority of mainstream churches
in Australia as being morally and spiritually ethical or activities that are unacceptable to the
beliefs of Christians and Christian families in Australia.
• Swap and trade events involving the exchange of goods.
• Events that are meant to be serviced by paid sponsorship, in particular, events where the
entry fee is more than $5.00.
• CSA’s that exceed 25 seconds in length (approx 60 words)


• A minimum of seven (7) days notice must be given (14 preferred) to 91.9 Fresh FM and
all information must be in written form; i.e. emailed or posted.
• The CSA will be pre-recorded. Any late notices will only be put in the studio to be read by
announcers when they are available.

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The management of 91.9 Fresh FM reserves the right to amend, add or alter its policies pertaining to
CSA’s at any time and without notice or advice. 91.9  Fresh FM also reserves the right to delete, cancel
or void any CSA. These policies are set to conform to requirements expected of Fresh FM by the relevant
Broadcasting Authorities in ensuring that items aired as CSA’s are not actually meant to be aired as paid
sponsorship advertising.