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Cheryl’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Cheryl’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge


This year our Strategy & Partnership Manager Cheryl, has decided to change her life by undergoing a healthy lifestyle challenge. Her goal for 2017 is to lose 25kg, improve her diet and overall health & fitness throughout the year, and make this a permanent lifelong change.

Throughout her journey, Cheryl will inform us of her progress. You may even find some of her tips useful for you and your family.


Have a read of Cheryl’s diary:

8/9/2017 – 4/10/2017

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As I am now about three quarters of the way through my “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge” I can see and feel the physical benefits of the change I have undergone. I feel fantastic and feel compelled to share with you the benefits of making this change, in case you would like to do the same.

I feel fitter, stronger, more confident, more energetic and simply happier in myself. I cannot actually think of anything negative that has come as a result of this lifestyle change.

I have to be honest, in the very beginning the change in physical activity was a little overwhelming. I felt worried that my body wouldn’t be able to endure the daily exercise, and I even had some anxiety to deal with as I approached each weekly personal training session. But, as I have progressed throughout the year, I have been amazed to learn what my body can actually handle. I have read this fact before and I’m sure many of you have heard it as well:

Our bodies are actually meant to move“.

We are not meant to be dormant.

As a result of my weight loss, regular exercise and healthier diet I have more energy, a healthier BMI, more muscle, healthier glowing skin, less body aches, pains & ailments and greater overall confidence. Oh, did I also mention that I am just so happy?

In addition to this, there are some changes that I am so proud of, things that I hadn’t counted on prior to taking on this challenge. I have become a great role model for my daughter, there is a new look of adoration and respect in my husband’s eyes and I have also inspired others along the way. These are some of the things that will stay with me forever, things that mean so much more than the number on the scales.  

So, if you are thinking of making a similar change yourself, I highly recommend it. You won’t look back, so do it now! Don’t wait until next week or next year. Start your new life today.


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Cheryl’s Health and Lifestyle Challenge



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