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Yo what’s poppin’ guys? My name is Will and this is my blog post.

The people at 91.9 Fresh FM gave me some questions to fill out but I thought that was going to make this sound like a checklist and not a blog, so I came up with an idea. I’m not going to do the questions and answers and the bosses at Fresh FM are ok with that!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Who the heck is this guy?” You’re right in thinking that. I didn’t even know who I was ‘til I was about 10 years old. Now, I guess this is the part where I tell you who I am and where I come from.  I was born in 2001, in the Mater Hospital in Brisbane or as I like to call it, Bris Vegas. I grew up in the suburb of Rochedale, and this suburb is in between Brisbane and Logan. I grew up on the Logan side… I guess you could call me a Bogan from Logan. Yea… so, anyway I lived in Bris Vegas for most of my life with my family of five, including my mum, dad and a younger brother and even younger sister.

Up until recently, I had never even heard of the town of Gladstone so when we moved up here because of my dad’s work, I wasn’t a happy camper. Since moving up here I changed my mind about this sunny town! Did you know Gladstone has a bank?  I didn’t and I only found that out a couple days ago!  

I moved up here, have settled in with my family and I currently attend Trinity College Gladstone. It’s a great school with lovely teachers and students. People at Trinity are a bit like the people at this radio station!

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I should probably tell you what I like to do. I like to swim for the Gladstone Gladiators and I like to go to the gym as well. It’s all about them gains!!  My favourite sport is probably Rugby Union and League. I just love watching the Blues get wrecked by the mighty Maroons!

There’s a fun story I need to tell you guys before I end this blog.

I went up to Kroombit Tops the other day with my family and can I just say, the beauty of that place is amazing!  It literally took my breath away. It was either the view that took my breath away, or the stick my brother smashed me with. We went up to the tops to check out the crashed B-24D Liberator, which is a plane used in WW2, and let me tell you it was horrendous getting up there, but totally worth it! It was like sitting in a washing machine going full ball, except 10 times intense. If you don’t have good suspension on your 4WD then get ready for jiggly ride up there. But, just like the ‘pain before fame’ saying, we passed that jiggly point and reached the top and it was AMAZING. The beauty and lushness of the place is awesome, and the view is on point. It’s got to be one of my favourite places in the Gladstone Region and the other one being  91.9 Fresh FM.  If you haven’t checked Kroombit Tops out yet, I recommend you do.

Well, that’s all from me! I hope you enjoyed the blog and if you want to check out more amazing things, like this blog post, start listening to 91.9 Fresh FM on the radio and follow them on Facebook.

– Will out.



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