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It all began when a small group of interested people met in June of 1993 to investigate the possibility of establishing a Christian Radio station to cover the local area.

They did it because, contrary to popular opinion, radio is still a very effective medium to reach a large number of people with the positive message of the gospel. We also want to see positive life changes in Christians and non-Christians alike.

Soon after, Gladstone and District Christian Broadcasting Association Inc. obtained a Temporary Community Broadcasting License to broadcast weekends only.

We called ourselves Radio Rhema!

We initially had no idea of a venue, but volunteer Robin Elsmore was also an executive on the local city council. He contacted the Bureau of Meteorology which had a station built in the 1960’s and unmanned since 1990. Their vacant building was perfect — on the top of a hill and many rooms lying idle. After many test broadcasts of varying lengths, the station was fully licensed in September 1999.

Broadcasting from the top of the hill was a feat that only God could have pulled off.

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In March 2004, the Bureau of Meteorology advised us that we had till the end of August to find another home because they were going to demolish the building and old radar and put a new radar on the site.  People were horrified when we told them and many wrote to the Bureau and asked them to change their minds.  Didn’t work, but it bought us a little more time.

So in October of the same year we moved the office, studios to an unused demountable in the Golding complex at 3 Lyons Street and the transmitter to Round Hill, Boles Street.

Christmas 2010 meant another move as Golding Contractors asked us to relocate so they could have their demountable back. Thank you Golding contractors for letting us have the demountable free of charge for five years. The Uniting Church in Dixon Drive allowed us rent the two small rooms under the church while the land and new building was being sorted.  Thank you Uniting Church!

Moving a radio station is no easy matter!  And it is taxing on people and finances. But with a new home; debt free; and never to move again we are expecting that growth in the station will be substantial.  New name.  More volunteers.  More Staff.  More community engagement.  More positive changes in lives and homes.

Gladstone is a beautiful city with a district population of almost 60,000 people.  And…It is a better place because of 91.9FreshFM.

Our first home

1995 Hist_Met Bur_first home

Our home today 

Fresh FM building 2 USE