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Quoin Island Turtles, Tourism and Caring For Marine and Wildlife

Quoin Island Turtles, Tourism and Caring For Marine and Wildlife


We need to educate our children (they are the future of the community) about pollution and caring for the environment and that is a key message that Bob McCosker and the volunteers at the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre work to communicate to the community.

(Image courtesy of GAPDL)

For the number of injured and sick turtles that the centre cares for, there is a 60 per cent to 70 per cent release rate.

The facility is funded through private donations, corporate sponsorship, fundraising and in-kind contributions and is run by a team of trained and dedicated volunteers.

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Bob McCosker and his team have special bonds with the turtles. The turtles love a little massage on their shell as they swim past their carers in their pool. It’s always emotional when the turtles are released back into the wild after being in care for approximately three months. Last year, the centre released the 100th turtle back into the wild.

There are a range of volunteering roles including Turtle Taxi Volunteers who assist with transporting injured and ill turtles between Bundaberg and Yeppoon. The centre is always looking for more volunteers. Volunteers must be aged 16 years of age or above.

Every Saturday between 30 to 40 volunteers join in on a communal day from 8am until 12pm at the centre.

Although Quoin Island day trips are not currently in place, the island offers a private event venue (Quoin Island Retreat). There’s a swimming pool, conference centre, accommodation that can take up to 88 people and the event venue can host up to 500 people. For bookings, email info@quoinislandretreat.com.au or phone (07) 49 700 123.

Darryl Branthwaite, CEO of GAPDL says that the future of Gladstone tourism is strong and the most important people within organisations like the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and GAPDL are the volunteers. He says the volunteers at GAPDL are full of passion about the Gladstone Region as they commit their time to greeting cruise passengers and assisting at various Visitor Information Centres around the region. As tourism grows, education needs to be a priority and the volunteers learn something new every day from one another, other locals and the tourists themselves.

(Image courtesy of GAPDL)

If you’re a boaty or fisherman, or enjoying the coastline with your family around the Gladstone Region be aware that this area is a natural habitat to various marine life including turtles.  To report animal cruelty and for animal emergencies, including wildlife, you can phone 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

To find out more information about the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre you can phone 0408 431 304 or email turtles@quoinislandretreat.com.au




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