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Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values



People experiencing the living God and good living



To be a breath of fresh air providing pathways for our community to move closer to Jesus


Fresh FM is proudly supported by:



1.         Belief & Faithfulness

We passionately believe the message of Jesus is for all people. We believe we are called to be followers of Jesus and servants to each other. We will be faithful to our calling.

2.         Passionate Care

We will build relationships, showing respect and encouragement. We will be accessible and foster unity & teamwork. We will passionately identify with and engage the listeners and community; challenge, educate and equip them to consider the Christian hope offered on 91.9.

3.         Integrity


We do what we say we will. We will show respect for our community, clients, and partners by being trustworthy, transparent, truthful and honest in all of our business dealings. We will behave ethically, safely, honestly and lawfully.


4.         Excellence


We choose to be the best, give our best and do our best. We will constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards on our day-to-day work, and in the quality of our programs and services.


5.         Positive approach


We will always encourage and display a positive and supportive attitude. We will not condemn or judge. Consistent with our beliefs, we will strive to develop positive attitudes towards all members of our community.


6.         Leadership


We value servant hearted leadership: to reach our goals we will be humble, yet courageous, and persistent. We recognise that we are all leaders in some way shape or form and will always lead by example.


7.         Consistency


We will strive to present a consistent style and message in all we do avoiding extremes focusing on core fundamentals of our faith.