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P R O G R A M    G U I D E  2 4   H O U R S   A   D A Y,   S E V E N   D A Y S   A   W E E K


Monday to Friday

12AM: Enjoying Every Day Life with Joyce Meyers

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1AM: Focus on the Family

5AM: Berni Dimet

6AM-9AM: Mornings with Mark

9AM-12PM: Faith, Family & Culture with Luke & Susie

9:34: Focus on the Family

12PM-3PM: Afternoons with Daniel

3-6PM: The Drive Home with Dan

6-9PM: Evenings with Abby

9PM-12AM: Late Nights with Justice 

9PM: Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyers

9:28PM: Focus on the Family


1AM: Focus on the Family

4-6AM- TCM Christian Music Countdown

7PM: Aussie Grown Radio 

9:27: Focus on the Family 


1AM: Focus on the Family

3AM: Focus on the Family

5AM: Insight for Living

9AM-12PM: Sunday Mornings with Bek 

12PM-3PM: Sunday Spotlight with Abby

430PM god spot

9:28PM- Focus on the Family


1:00am Focus on the Family

3:00am TCM Countdown

5:30am Planet Sport

9:30am Focus on the Family

1:30pm Marriage & Family Life with Eric Skattebo

7:00pm Aussie Grown Across the Nation with Hank

8:00pm Fresh Across Australia with Laura

N E W S  O N  T H E  H O U R

Weekdays between 6am and 8pm

Weekends between 6am and 5pm