about us

Fresh FM Is your community station, dedicated to broadcasting the positive
message “It’s Good to Be Alive” through both FM radio and online platforms.

When you tune in, you’ll hear great family tips and advice, positive and uplifting
music, and information about family friendly events around our region.

We aim to share content that is suitable for the whole family, and providing practical
opportunities for you and your family to serve others both locally and abroad.


Our care for people motivates us to produce quality media that helps inspire life in the people of Central Queensland.


Real change and growth happens when we connect person to person.
We love being a hub for for people to connect people’s real needs to
solutions. People to connect people’s real needs to real solutions


Our vibrant team of volunteers is mobilised to serve the city from major
efforts like disaster relief, to championing important ongoing causes like
school chaplaincy, and mental health support


We are grateful to have a voice to help shape the future of our region.
Central Queensland is unique and amazing and we love engaging our
listeners in building our city into its bright future.

91.9 Fresh FM was first established in Gladstone as a temporary community broadcaster in 1993 to broadcast on the weekends only. Under the name “Gladstone and District Christian Broadcasting Association Inc.”

Through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers over many years, the station broadcasted from a variety of places around Gladstone until eventually, 8 Uniting Place, Telina became a permanent home to broadcast to a district of nearly 60,000 people in the beautiful Gladstone Region.

In 2022, Fresh FM began a collaboration with YWAM Medical Ships with the goal of having a permanent outreach location in Gladstone, facilitating volunteers, community engagement and training to
strengthen Fresh FM and the wider community.


Fresh FM and YWAM Medical Ships’ shared motivation is to care, connect, serve, and build healthy lives and communities in the Gladstone region.
Both organisations value serving, strong relationships, generosity, cheering on local heroes, and sharing a positive message in the community that is life giving and encouraging to individuals.



Our deep desire is to see the Gladstone region grow in a positive
way and to see people thriving in all areas of life.

We seek not only to bring excellent content about what is happening
within our community but also connecting with people through our
community teams, building great relationships, and having a finger on
the pulse to better understand our audience.

Through our on-air content, promotions, and events, we seek to provide
our listeners with a desire and practical ways of celebrating It’s Good To
Be Alive!


YWAM Medical Ships Training
(RTO 30614)
Introduction to Radio & Media Course
(CUA31020 Certificate III in Screen and Media)

Enables YWAM Medical Ships Training and Fresh FM to provide students with an integrated, hands-on training program that is centred around maximising media as a tool to
help build the Gladstone region.


Together with local volunteers, Fresh FM leans into YWAM Medical
Ships’ strong team of young, passionate volunteers to assist with the
station’s daily operations, community events, and outside broadcasts. In
2019 alone, YWAM’s donated time and labour in the Central Queensland
region was estimated at over 9.3 million AUD.

Fresh FM and YWAM Medical Ships’ collective 60+ years of experience
in serving the region helps ensure that the station continues to remain
strong in their objectives as a non-profit, community station.


8 Uniting Place, Telina QLD 4680


Postal Address:

PO Box 5200  Gladstone QLD 4680