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A Journey Of Healing From Depression

Lauralee Berrill’s twin girls tragically died shortly after being born prematurely in 1998. She was left grieving and suicidal, yet hoping there was more. Lauralee shares her journey of healing from depression, suicidal thoughts and a low self-image. That’s Lauralee Berrill author of the book: Beautiful Courageous You.


Author: Bec Oates. If you want to get me in a really good mood (and let’s face it I know getting me in a good mood is pretty high on your to do list), just tell me to have my house ready for an open inspection at 9am.

Car-Parking Like a Man

Author: Tania Harris | God Conversations. The bumper bar neared closer. I glanced in my side mirror. Angle a little more. Turn slightly. That’s it. Now a direct line in. Right, you got it. Engine off. Keys out. Success. Two men watching on the roadside cheered. I smiled triumphantly in return. For a long time, […]