Each year, chaplains from Queensland not-for-profit Carinity support hundreds of people in hospitals, schools, aged care communities and prisons across the state. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carinity chaplains have played a vital role in supporting aged care residents, their families and staff.

When aged care residents seek guidance or simply wish to have a chat with a trusted friend, they can call upon experienced chaplains such as Gill Johnson.
“Our residents have complex needs: physical, psychological, social, and
spiritual. I listen to residents give voice to things that are on their minds,” Gill says. “My role is to listen to their life stories, acknowledge frustrations and fears, share in their joys, and help them to find hope and explore their spirituality.”

Sonia Davies is the chaplain at Carinity Education Southside, a special assistance school in Brisbane for young women who have faced barriers to education.

“Support is a huge part of my role. Seemingly insignificant interactions can have a profound impact, some deeply significant to our students and some we will never know,” Sonia says.

Students such as Georgia are benefitting from Chaplain Sonia offering holistic support to the young women.

“Sonia is there for me. I can talk to her and feel comfortable. She helps me a lot with my mental health and my friendships,” Georgia says.

Carinity chaplains also provide support to hospital patients experiencing feelings of helplessness, while the demand for spiritual guidance in prisons increased once visits resumed following the height of the pandemic. Volunteer prison chaplains from Carinity’s

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy service, such as Myra, help prisoners begin their journey of transformation.

“People in prison know we really care … and they know that they can trust us. They say our smiles light up, as they say, the ‘dark place’,” Myra says. Your support of the 2022 Chaplains Appeal will enable Carinity to place more dedicated and passionate chaplains in schools, aged care communities, hospitals, and correctional centres across Queensland.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Donate online at or phone 3550 3737.


Since 1949, Carinity as an outreach of Queensland Baptists has been making a real
difference in people’s lives through comprehensive and integrated community services.
These include caring for the frail aged in their homes or in integrated seniors’
communities, helping families and young people through difficult times, and supporting
people with disability. Carinity also provides shelters for homeless youth, alternative
education for teenagers who struggle in traditional schools, and prison and hospital