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Leave a gift Make your mark by remembering 91.9 Fresh FM in your Will

I’d like to extend an invitation to you to leave a gift to 91.9 Fresh FM in your Will – to help strengthen Gladstone’s vital family community station over the long term. Community broadcasting represents the Australia we want our kids to have – where access, diversity, independence, localism, social justice and multiculturalism are celebrated. Every gift, however large or small, makes a lasting and significant difference to improve the viability of 91.9 Fresh FM for generations to come.

Leaving your gift

Fresh FM is proudly supported by:

To make sure that your wishes are undertaken exactly as you would like, it is important to use the correct wording, so that your will is legally valid. Making a valid will means that your family, friends and those that have been important to you are prioritised. It also gives you an opportunity to show your support to organisations such as 91.9 Fresh FM Gladstone.

Make a difference

As a community broadcasting station we provide Gladstone Region with innovative, fresh, grass- roots content which is suitable for the entire family. For 30 years, 91.9 Fresh FM has been speaking life into the community and spreading a message of hope – and now you can too. At the heart of community broadcasting and 91.9 Fresh FM – is heart and a message of hope. Make your mark – leave a gift.