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Healthy Overnight Breakfast Oats

Do you struggle to find healthy breakfast choices that keep you going until lunch? These overnight oats are a great option.

The Anzac Spirit, Inspiring Australians to ‘Soldier On’

On a special Anzac Day themed episode of Helping Hands, our panel discusses what the spirit of Anzac means today.

Finding Your Way Through Disappointment

Disappointment may be manageable when it’s linked to one event. Much more difficult is when disappointment becomes a way of life.

Choirs Invited To Enter International Competition

Prizes of $10,000 and $5,000 are up for grabs in the inaugural International Christian Choir Competition, open to choirs at any level.

Australians and Etiquette: Comparing the Generations

Younger generations are re-writing the rules for what is considered acceptable behaviour when it comes to devices and technology.

What the World’s Most Famous Atheist Says About Christianity Now

Richard Dawkins used to say raising children to be Christian was a form of child abuse. Now he seems to admit that it’s good for society.

How to Ease Your Stress With a ‘Mindfulness Moment’

Being mindful of our social and sensory needs and limits helps to ensure that we don’t find ourselves bombarded and burnt out.

The Darkest Night: Making Sense of Life’s Hardest Seasons

How do we make sense of life’s most agonising seasons, when it feels like God is either distant, or not present at all?

Chocolate Almond Spread Recipe: Delicious, Refined-Sugar Free

This spread is a delicious treat with a fudge taste; you can eat it from a spoon or spread it on toast or apple pieces.

This Powerful New Chatbot Might Creep You Out

The new chatbot ‘Pi’ is like Siri, but it can hold a conversation and tell you information, rather than just give you a website.