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Why God’s Music is Turning Heads: An Album-Launch Chat with Hillsong Worship

In a time when the entertainment industry is one of society’s biggest influencers, it’s no small thing that the name of Jesus is being recognised, and even celebrated.

How to Play with your Kids – and Enjoy It

Have you noticed that once we’re parents, most of us want life to be civilised, tidy, quiet, and relaxed. And the kids? They want wild. They want action. They want exploration and adventure. They want PLAY!

Did Jesus Really Exist?

Did you know that most ancient history professionals in the field are confident that Jesus of Nazareth existed, just like Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar?

5 Megatrends That Will Dominate the next Decade

Any experienced surfer knows how important it is to keep one eye fixed on the horizon. While a wave is still forming a long way off, that is the time to start paddling, to get into position and get ready. Leave it too long or fail to move at all, and you’ll be wiped out as the wave crashes you.

The True Strength of Marital Gentleness

True gentleness is powerful – the kind of power that is respectful yet free to disagree. It does not return an insult for an insult but speaks the truth even if it’s unpleasant.

Let Your Yes Be Yes… and Your No Be No.

I feel like we are in an ongoing state of perpetual cancellations. What is this phenomenon that allows us to be so careless with our commitments? We need to be better guardians of our time and place value on the people we commit to.

How Do I Deal with My Child’s Sensitivity and Anxiety?

Instead of toughening our children up, let’s develop that sensitivity and find ways to support their resiliency at the same time. It is possible to be sensitive and resilient.

Winning the Fight With a Family Curse: Stan Walker’s Greatest Battle Yet

A battle with cancer, an encounter with God, dramatic weight loss, and grappling with his purpose on the earth—Stan Walker has faced it all in the last couple of years.

Would Universal Basic Income Beat Poverty?

Ronald Henderson famously chaired a Commission of Inquiry into Poverty in the early 1970’s. Following the release of the Commission’s reports, the ‘Henderson Poverty Line’ became the standard used by researchers to gauge progress in the community.

One of The Best Things You’ll Hear Today: You Are Known

He knows you, he’s familiar with you—he knows your complete personality. He knows your emotional triggers, behavioral patterns, your bad habits and comfort zones. He can unravel the intricate workings of your heart when you remain confused.