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An Untold Story of 9/11 & Why You Should Give Even on Your Worst Day

This story – perhaps one you haven’t heard – reminds us that even on our worst days, generosity has the power to open up our world.

5 Truths School Leavers Need to Be Told

With the next crop of school leavers about to flood into the 'real world', here are 5 truths they must be told (and may not have learned at school).

How to Get Your Kids Ready for Schoolies Week

For some kids, this might be the first time they make adult decisions without you. Ensure they’ve got their head around these 5 attitudes before they go.

“Time to Accept Change” says Christian Leader after Gay Marriage ‘Yes’ Announcement

The head of a leading Christian media outlet has called on ‘No voters’ to accept Australia’s ‘Yes’ for same sex marriage, with good spirit and grace.

Attack of the Pear

Sometimes life goes truly pear-shaped. But before we consider the ‘next steps’, what are we supposed to do in the midst of a truly pear-shaped experience?

The Vocabulary of the Persuasive Leader

When looking to lead, motivate or persuade your team, you need to decide if you are a fence-focused or a watering hole-focused leader.

Embracing the Various Seasons of Marriage

Dr. Gary Chapman discusses emotions and actions of winter, spring, summer and autumn marriages, and how couples can make the most of these seasons.

The Gift and the Dirt Cup

In both of these, the Good King can be celebrated. In both the gift and the dirt cup, we can point to the goodness that comes from the Good King.

Pot Set Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt

You'll be surprised. This recipe is so much yummier than store bought, has no additives, is just a fraction of the price and is surprisingly easy to make.

Do You Need a ‘Fallow Year’? the Ancient Art of a Year of Rest

What happens when we keep trying to get a harvest from an exhausted life? Perhaps it's time to prioritise rest, so that what we're sowing into healthy soil.