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5 Tips: Developing the Shape of your Soul

We know it's important to keep in shape, eat well, and stimulate our brains by learning new things. But to be whole, we also need food for the soul.

iPhone X: The New Temptation

Did you wake up today feeling like you’re missing out on something? Are you tempted to book your place in the queue for the revolutionary iPhone X?

DadsUNI: Helping Dads become Great Dads

Dads, help is finally here. DadsUNI is a free website dedicated to training and equipping dads.

Millennial Consumers: Why Coke Has So Many Variants

Millennial consumers are calling for healthy, ethical alternatives to traditional products and giant brands like Coke, are catching on.

How to Keep the Romance Alive

We see a lot of TV programs and movies these days that show the start of romantic relationships. But not many of those are about keeping the romance alive once it has begun.

When Grades Come at the Cost of Mental Health

Author: Rachel Doherty | Tweens2Teen. The first sign of a mental health issue in teenagers is often a drop in grades. Here’s what parents can do when it’s time to make a choice.

Optical Illusions: Why They Work

Can you trust what you see? Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us — or at least that’s what it seems.

Hope and Encouragement for the Stepmum

Building trust in the relationship to handling discipline to offering forgiveness, this is some encouragement for women that hold the role of stepmum.

My Christian Marriage is More Important Than My Same Sex Attraction

Colin has same sex attraction. He describes it as something he has, rather than who he is. It doesn’t define him.

The Star – Coming to Cinemas this November

Experience the story of the first Christmas from an entirely new perspective.