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The Future of Flying Cars is Here

In years past, flying cars were the stuff of fantasy. But developments of the last decade are seeing them edge closer to reality, writes Michael McQueen.

Solitude for Beginners

Susan Browning was always busy – until the day she started watching clouds go by – and felt a tiny bit restored. It started a new habit.

‘Downton Abbey’ Sequel Suffers Relevance Issue: Movie Review

The Crawley family come from generations of wealth, tradition, and a certain confidence, which may or may not resonate with today’s audience.

Weary of Politics? A Few Thoughts to Help Christians Avoid Cynicism

Aussies have voted, but many are cynical, including many Christians. Here are 13 thoughts to help you keep perspective.

“What’s for Dinner Tonight?” Overload – With a Side of Decision Fatigue!

Decision fatigue is a state of mental overload from having too many options, too many choices to make. It’s why choosing what’s for dinner can be so hard.

Taking the Steps

Has God ever asked you to take a step of faith? A huge step but He’s only shown you the first step to take. That step and nothing else?

A Moment of Silence for the Iconic and Now Discontinued iPod

It’s time to move on! Made redundant with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple bids adieu to the iconic iPod after 21 years.

Father Stu: Movie Review

Mark Wahlberg has been trying to get the true story of Father Stu to theatres for years. His dream is now a reality as the story comes to life in cinemas.

Confidence in Cooking Could Improve Your Mental Health

Participation in a healthy cooking course has linked confidence in cooking with significant improvements in general and mental health.

Practicing Gratitude: What to Remember and What to Forget

The negative experiences in our past can shape how we see the world, others, and ourselves. That’s why what we should be remembering is the good things.