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How Being in Church makes Hearing God Easier

If we can all hear God’s voice for ourselves, do we still need to go to church?

Healthy Individuals Make a Healthy Marriage

Whether working out at the gym, getting enough sleep, pursuing counselling or reading the Bible, couples who do individual care ultimately do marital care.

Was Your Bub Born in 2018? There’s a Free Bible Waiting for Them

Free copies of the Toddler Bible are now available to children born in 2018, and up to 2,500 copies are available.

A Simple Tool to Help You Make Sense of Life

According to the experts, writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, increase creativity, solve problems, and manage conflict.

“Instant Family” a Funny, Touching Celebration of Adoption and Fostering

Diverse people gathering together around a common goal: it’s a sure-fire theme for a heartwarming film – and Instant Family is no exception.

How to Get Your Children to Really Listen

When your kids aren’t listening to you which WILL happen, try these three things: speak softly, consider your timing and use the ‘gentle reminder’.

Test of Faith for Aussie Cricketer

Underlying the sharp rise of cricketer Marnus Labuschagne, the gritty, batting all-rounder is a lifelong faith in God.

How to Choose a Great Financial Adviser

There is no shortage of stories of people who visit someone who claims to be a financial adviser only to lose their life savings.

Christine Caine – Facing Cancer and Holding Onto God

In her new book ‘Unexpected’, Christine shares how cancer and other life experiences have taught her to leave fear behind and step into God’s plan.

The Explosive Lights and Heartfelt Stories of for KING & COUNTRY’s World Tour

Fans are in for anthemic rock hits, and honest, soul-baring tunes when for KING & COUNTRY hits Sydney for their Australian shows.