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Cheryl’s Health and Lifestyle Challenge

Cheryl’s Health and Lifestyle Challenge


Many of us have New Year’s resolutions and it can be difficult to keep them, and that’s why we want to encourage you to keep to and achieve your goals.

91.9 Fresh FM has you covered for your health and fitness for 2017, as our Strategy & Partnerships Manager, Cheryl embraces the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cheryl’s goal for 2017 is to lose 25kg during the year. In fact, her perseverance is helping all of us at the station become more aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Each week Cheryl will inform us about her progress. Have a read of Cheryl’s diary:


11/3/2017 – 17/3/2017

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This week I had a catch up with Vicki Tobin-Platten from Simply Psychology, who is helping me with my healthy lifestyle challenge this year. She was checking in on how I am travelling so far and assisting me with my thought process and any struggles along the way.

She took me through a very interesting exercise that categorised many of the things we place importance on in our lives. Anything from family, to work, how we feel about ourselves, wealth, healthy eating, competitiveness, keeping our loved ones safe, being creative and the list goes on and on. I had to categorise these into a very important pile, relatively important and somewhat important. This in itself was quite a task and was a little more difficult than one might think. Eventually the pile of topics was narrowed right down to a select few.

The results were very touching and a bit of a reality check for me. In a nutshell my ‘family’ was the main focus of the final choices I made for the ‘very important pile’. Love, safety, loyalty, affection, care and honesty being words that were of the utmost importance to me. When life just seems too difficult, my family is who I turn to for the love and support I need.

So this week regardless of how busy I am, I have made time to sit and listen to my family, recognise when someone just needs a hug and have actually scheduled in some chill out time and fun with the people I care about the most – ‘my family’.

If you hear giggles, rolling of the dice from board games or the sizzle of a BBQ in the back yard it might just be coming from our house.

Hope you all enjoy a lovely week with your family.


4/3/2017 – 10/3/2017

This week across the world we celebrated International Women’s Day. This special day recognises the contribution women give to so many lives across the world. We are an integral part of our family, workplace and community.

This year for me, is about trying to find that perfect balance. I work, exercise, keep a tidy home, cook, look after my family and somehow manage to squeeze in just a little bit of down time. This probably sounds familiar to so many ladies out there.

 We have come a long way over the years with women’s roles changing immensely. Work life balance varies for everybody with so many things impacting on this for each individual family. I think as long as it’s a good fit for yourself and your family it doesn’t matter whether you are a stay at home Mum, a career woman or a mixture of both.

 Keep contributing in the best way you know how and be confident that you make a difference in this world, whether it be to one single person in your life or to thousands.

 We are all unique in our own special way.


25/2/2017 – 3/3/2017

Hi Everyone,

This week, I thought I’d talk about our bathroom scales and the ongoing obsession we have with them and the impact this can then have on our lives.

Naturally, with my weight loss challenge this year I have utilised the scales several times to track my progress. I’ve experienced the highs and the lows depending on the result. As much as I try not to worry too much about it, if my weight has not decreased I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Megan Leane, my Dietitian is helping guide me this year with my ‘Healthy Lifestyle Challenge’. I have asked her to share her advice this week on this very interesting and sometimes emotional topic.

“Weighing, taking measurements and using a mirror are referred to as “body checking” techniques. When used appropriately they’re certainly a great tool to measure the outcome of our physique manipulation efforts. However, when they’re used inappropriately body checking can lead to decreased body satisfaction. Stepping on the scales daily (or more often for some), not only distorts our body image but it’s quite inaccurate. Our body goes through a number of fluctuations depending upon how much good we eat, what nutrients are in the food, alcohol consumption, hydration, whether we’ve exercised or not, the type of exercise and even our hormones. With so many variables it is impossible to expect an accurate measure of change over such a short period of time.

I would recommend weighing one day per week – maximum! Make sure it’s the same time of day, before eating and drinking, after a trip to the loo and if you can try to match your exercise the day before. This removes a lot of the variables and will give a decent measure of change.

When we have a weight related goal we can get quite hung up on the number and an undesirable change can really impact on our mood, and vice versa we can be so pleased with results that it can become addictive. I encourage my clients to measure their success in many different ways, just because the scale didn’t move doesn’t mean you’re not successful. Reflect on your efforts – did you eat as planned? Did you exercise? Did you have less alcohol this week? Did you enjoy one slice of cake at the party and feel satisfied?”

I hope you have found the information from Megan as helpful as I have. Until next week, it’s off to the gym for me. Have a happy and healthy week everyone.


18/2/2017 – 24/2/2017

Hi Everyone,

This last week was a great week. You know those weeks where things go well and you feel like you’re winning. You could stand on a mountain top, do a fist pump and shout out, “YEAH!!!”

The week before, I had a little moment at the gym where I realised I can push myself harder. I put this into place this week and I have to say, ‘it felt good’. I’m at a point where I’m getting just a little bit fitter and stronger (still a long way to go yet), and I think it’s just starting to feel great. I guess it’s probably only natural that the first month or two you are getting used to the increased exercise, diet change and busy routine.

The physical side of things is only a part of it. Mentally, it’s so rewarding to feel like you are in control and you have achieved. As this year is all about learning more about myself and making life long changes, I am looking at the differences between one week to the next and what made the difference. A kind of self -analysis if you like. I’m trying to identify the times when I felt weak, look at why and then how I can overcome this rather than fall off the wagon.

Support plays a big part in this as well. I am blessed enough to have a very capable, supportive husband who is a good role model and encourages me week after week. My daughter has been wonderful as well. She gives me a big smile and a high five when I’ve achieved something great.

I also have to say a big thank you to the people I have on board to assist me this year –

Yaralla Fitness, Megan Leane Dietitian, Vicki Tobin-Platten from Simply Psychology. They have given me some wonderful tools to ensure my success this year.

I hope everyone is winning so far for 2017. If not, there is nothing more empowering than realising why and taking the steps to do something about it.

Have a great week everyone.


11/2/2017 – 17/2/2017

Hi Everyone,

Things are progressing fairly well for my ‘Healthy Lifestyle Challenge’. Some little ups and downs along the way, but all in all things are moving in the right direction. So far, for 2017 I’ve lost 5kgs. I’m definitely feeling healthier, empowered and I’m learning so much about myself along the way.

This week, sleep (or lack of) has really been brought to my attention as well as the effect this can have on life in general, and of course my weight loss challenge.

I went to see Vicki Tobin-Platten from Simply Psychology who is located at the GP Superclinic here in Gladstone. She is having a good look at my lifestyle habits and sleep is something she placed a lot of importance on. I was a little taken aback when we looked at how many hours I am getting each night. Not near enough! By the time I have dinner, put my daughter to bed, do the usual chores, prepare for the next day etc. there is a small amount of time left to spend with hubby and just relax in front of the TV, as you do. I’m sure this pattern sounds familiar to so many people out there, in particular Mums and Dads. That time you spend together at night relaxing gets pushed out because you’re just enjoying some “me” time before bed.

Over this next week I am looking at basically getting some more sleep to see if this has a positive impact on my life. A bit of a no brainer I think. Better quality sleep can only help us feel more energised, assist with healthier food choices, create a more harmonious family environment and help us to perform better in the workplace. Not too many negatives there.

Until next week, sweet dreams to you all.


4/2/2017 – 10/2/2017

Hi Everyone,

This week was the first week I actually weakened a little. We’d been away for the weekend and I just felt tired at the beginning of the week. Also due to being away, I wasn’t as organised as usual.

As a result I missed a workout and was a bit naughty with my food. That can then have a snowball effect because I probably felt sluggish from a little excess food.

For me this is the point that can make it or break it for me. Instead of falling off the wagon altogether I’ve mentally snapped out of it and said to myself to get a grip and get on with it again. This is one of the changes I am working on this year.

My PT session this week was a boxing session with Shaun from Yaralla Fitness.  I loved it, but could hardly hold my arms up by the end of it. You know you’ve had a good workout when your hands are shaking afterwards J

Next week is ‘Australia’s Healthy Weight Week’. I encourage you to get on board with this in any way that suits you and your family. Keep an eye on our Facebook page next week for any information or suggestions on this topic.


28/1/2017 – 3/2/2017

Hi Everyone,

This week I attended the ‘Embrace’ documentary at Gladstone Cinemas, with 130 ladies and two very brave men. This is an empowering story about one woman’s journey and struggles with her own body image after having three children. Her story went viral which then encouraged her to travel around the world to look further into this issue and discover why women have such struggles with their bodies.

Check out the trailer for a snippet of her story – Embrace – Official Trailer (2016) – Taryn Brumfitt Documentary HD

A big thank you to Megan Leane Dietitian who brought this wonderful message to Gladstone for all of us to enjoy.

I personally have had my own struggles with this issue and this year, have decided to take control and do something about it. I urge you to seek help if you have struggles of your own. Don’t suffer in silence. Talking about your concerns can be comforting, therapeutic and constructive.

In addition to my supportive family, some very encouraging friends and the lovely team at Fresh FM, I have found the following professionals (and station sponsors) to be of great assistance this year:

Megan Leane, Dietitian 

Vicki Tobin-Platten , Psychologist 

Yaralla Fitness 

I urge you to give them a call today to discover how they can help.

We are all beautiful in our own special way. Beauty extends so much further than what we see on the outside. There are so many capable, intelligent, warm and caring ladies out there in our Gladstone Region.

Be true to yourself and remember why you are special in your own unique way!  


21/1/2017 – 27/1/2017

Hi Everyone,

Like many mums I had back to school this week. My daughter started high school which is of course a huge milestone. For me this meant being organised and prepared for the week. It’s funny how well you can operate when you’re back in the groove of normality and routine.

I commenced my training program and PT sessions at the gym, put together for me by Shaun at Yaralla Fitness. I’m now exercising at least five times per week. Yes, sometimes I have sore muscles, but this is a reminder to me that I am gradually transforming my body into something much healthier.

If you are after some assistance yourself, I’d highly recommend Shaun. He has a great understanding of what I want to achieve, pushes me but doesn’t annihilate me in the process.

My diet has been near on impeccable (even if I say so myself). This weekend I am going to reward myself and go out for dinner. I’m thinking parmigiana or reef and beef. I might even indulge in some fries as well. The important thing I am learning though, is to get straight back into my healthy eating plan and don’t feel guilty about the indulgence.

Hope everyone is transitioning back into their routines well. To all of the mums out there, feel free to post on our Fresh FM Facebook page any suggestions you have for healthy lunch box ideas for the kids.


14/1/2017 – 20/1/2017

Hi Everyone,

This week has been a bit of a mental journey as I realise how much my head space and thought process effects the choices I make.

I am learning more about myself as I progress and have been trying to change my ways of thinking to help make this a life change, not just for the short term.

I’ve had a bit of stress and some emotions to deal with this week. The important thing to learn here is not to sabotage my diet as I work through this. I’m guessing this would sound familiar to many people?

From everyone’s comments, feedback and conversations I have come to the realisation that there are so many people out there wanting to change as well. I have an overwhelming feeling to influence to inspire others this week. 

Physically I’m feeling good. A little stronger, slightly leaner. My skin actually feels great due to the exercise, healthy food and increased water intake. What a sweaty week it has been.

A busy week ahead. Like many Mums, I have my daughter back to school next week. Books, uniforms, excitement and nerves. Then there is the sport and afternoon activities.

All part of the normal happy, healthy and busy family routine for 2017.


9/1/2017 – 13/1/2017

Hi Everyone,

It certainly has been a busy week, returning to work after Christmas and balancing appointments as I also maintain focus on my healthy lifestyle challenge.

I have met with station sponsor Megan Leane Dietitian and Megan has encouraged me to keep a food log. It is proving to be really beneficial, as it’s helping me learn about how I should eat using the suggested daily serve guide from Megan.

I also had my first meeting with my Personal Trainer, Shaun Booth from Yaralla Fitness (our station sponsor). Shaun helped me conduct a fitness test and my first PT session this week. From this, he will plan my training program.

I have realised that I am able to push myself a lot more than I have been to obtain results.

I have discovered that I actually do have muscles! I did have a few muscle aches too. To conquer this though, I have been eating healthy food, going for a walk in the afternoon and taking a dip in the pool, which has been a relief!

I have lost 2kgs since the beginning of January. Yaaay!

I’ll keep you posted throughout the year and I encourage you to join me in my fitness challenge and help reach your goals. I’ll be finding out new tips every week from my support network and I will share these with you.

Listen to Glenn and Bron for your Drive Home (Weekdays 3pm-6pm) as they chat to experts in the health, fitness and lifestyle fields. Yours truly will even pop into the studio from time to time to give updates on my progress!

A healthy lifestyle is not only about you. It’s also about spending quality time with your family, which is most important.

– Cheryl

Cheryl at Yaralla Fitness Centre with PT Shaun Booth
Cheryl and Megan Leane Dietitian



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